Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Log unfinished item

PROJECT NAME: Knit scarf

YARN: Premier Yarns Bouncy 100% Polyamide
PATTERN: Garter Stitch 14 stitches across

MADE IN Sep 2008
GENERAL NOTES: Okay I got this yarn at Big Lots for $1 a skein. It is super super soft (like baby kittens) I've knitted 1 skein so I think there will be enough yarn (I only have 2 skeins). I used really big needles because it's fairly big yarn AND when I used small needles (see Project # ___ )it took forever...of course that was also much smaller yarn.

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D. P. said...

Hey, Carrie check out They have a place to list all your projects, completed, working on, planned as well as a record of all your hooks and stash yarn!

Plus you can connect with friends, join various groups and find patterns -- many of them free.